Quantum Mentoring With Jo

Jo is opening up a few sessions per week to mentor those looking to expand their consciousness, and become more of their true selves. If you would like laser focused mentoring around any of the below subjects, then book a session and find out if Jo is one of your ‘keys’; someone who can unlock the potential that is already within you. Throughout our lives teachers come in to mirror to us exactly what we need in that moment; the following list is what Jo has personally moved through and can support you with from an experiential level:

  • Addiction
  • Finding your calling
  • Building a successful spiritual business
  • Creating a stable personal practice (meditation, journaling, yoga etc)

£55 per session

Cost has been kept low to make this available for many and is ideal if you can’t make it to the house for a retreat, or as ongoing support pre or post retreat. Email Jo here to book a session.

Current availability: 2pm on Monday, Saturday and Sunday

The structure of each session is as follows:

  • Pre-call questions to be completed
  • 10 minutes at the start of the call in meditation
  • 30 minutes on the call with Jo
  • 10 minutes post call journaling and downloading your thoughts, inspiration and motivation
The Quantum Sobriety BookBy Jo De Rosa

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